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Within our fleet we have two covered recovery lorries one of which has a low 4 degree loading slide angle (SLA) as well as a number of uncovered SLAs which allow us to recover prestige, vintage and low bodied cars safely using soft wheel coverings so as to not cause any damage.


The covered lorries allow us to recover maybe a convertible vehicle with a damaged roof or certain makes that do not wish to be seen on the back of a recovery lorry.


We also have an 18 tonne Hiab lorry that allows us to attend difficult recoveries where a total lift situation is required.


There has been no situation yet that we have not been able to deal with even if it means sending two trucks out to you.

If you wish to book a specialist recovery, please call our control room, 24 hours a day on 0121 244 7777.




special luxury vehicle recovery
Special Luxury Vehicle Recovery







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