Fuel Drain Unit

24HR Wrong Fuel Roadside Assistance

Have you put the wrong fuel in your car?                              Phone 0121 244 7777 for Immediate Help


This is becoming a common occurence putting petrol in diesel or diesel in petrol and can be a very expensive mistake as well as being very inconvenient.  Contaminated fuel will cause your car to stall and not start after filling up. Many people don't realise that this is the problem and call out for recovery thinking that they have an engine fault.  This fault can be easily rectified by draining out the contaminated fuel and replacing with the correct fuel.


We have recently invested in two new vans and fitted then out as mobile fuel drain units. With our new fuel contamination vans we can come to you at the roadside, drain the contaminated fuel from your vehicle, then put five to ten litres of the right fuel in to get you to a local garage saving you time, money and inconvenience of being recovered


You will find most breakdown clubs do not cover you for putting the wrong fuel in to your car as it is classed a 'human error' and so our service has proved to be very popular.


Both vans are also equipped to cover minor roadside repairs such as wheel changes and jump-starts.








Fuel Contamination Unit
Fuel Drain Van

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